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Brussels for Tintin - Fans

A round trip on Hergé's footsteps
Gare du Midi / Zuidstation Stockel / Stokkel

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7. Louvain-La-Neuve

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How to get there?

At the moment (summer 2009) from Brussels North Station (Gare du Nord) every hour at :30 a train leaves to the station of "Louvain-La-Neuve, Université". It takes about 45 minutes.

Other trains leave for "Louvain-La-Neuve" and you must change to the bus.
Or take the car from Brussels on the E 411 to Namur.

7.1 Musée Hergé - Hergé Museum

Address: Louvain-La-Neuve, Rue du Labrador 26

Opening times, Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 to 18:00
Admission around 9,50 euro

The way from the station on the Place de la Gare to the Musée Hergé is signposted. After 3 minutes you are at the museum.

A look at the left shows the wooden bridge coming from Place de l'Université over to the entrance at the front of the museum.
Theres a road among the museum. You forsee the unusual construction.

The trail leads around the museum:

Through the large windows you can see above all a black and white checkerboard, resembling the well known red/white rocket. It contains the elevator which soon takes you up to the 2nd floor, where the tour starts.

People are waiting at the entrance (right below).

The museum was given the house number 26 of Labrador street - that's Tintin's address before he moves to Marlinspike.

On the right: a picture of the entrance.

Behing the cashdesk you can see the boutique.

Architect Christian de Portzamparc and exhibition planner Joost Swarte made the whole interior reminiscent to the comics, but never exactly one, eg, the stylized, red skyscraper facade.

With the elevator, inside the white/black column, you arrive at the 2nd floor, where the exhibition starts.

Unfortunately it's not not allowed to take pictures in the exhibition, but in the end it would be too much at all :-)


At the cashdesk you get an audio/video guide that "speaks" not only french and dutch but also english and german.
Throughout the exhibition numbers are attached, which you can select in the guide. You get a lot of information, additional pictures, dialogues, and sometimes even small games.

The exhibition consists of 8 darkened rooms, 4 per floor. You vist 2 rooms on each side and the other over catwalks, which allow the look down to the foyer or to the outside. Themes of the rooms are:

On display are photographs, (original) drawings, ink/drawings and sketches, figurines, a replica of the statue of Sir Francis Haddock, a crab can, Ottokar's scepter and much more.

Some of it in low showcases, perfect for children.

The exhibition will be changed every few months, mainly to preserve the original drawings.

At the end of the trail, you can also visit the room dedicated to other comics with changing exhibitions.

Then you may sit down in the lovely decorated cafeteria.
After that: shopping in the spacious boutique. There is everything in all sizes, as a large Haddock statue (see photo).


Take a look from the entrance of the museum to the city (towards Place de l'Université) ...

... and on the wooden bridge a look back to the museum.

Shortly before leaving Tintin's world returning to the city, note marked the horizon on the left and right of the bridge:

The museum is a must for Tintin fans!

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Text and map: Michael
Photos: Timic
The drawings from Hergé's pen shown on the photos are all copyright Hergé / Moulinsart 2009